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Skills Inventory

As you begin to explore career options and conduct your job search, it is important to know your own qualifications. Over the years you develop many skills through your coursework, co-curricular activities, and other life experiences. Prospective employers expect you to know your skills and to be able to apply what you learn in college to the work environment.

The skills inventory is a simple exercise to help you identify your strengths and those areas you would like to, or need to, improve.

There are six pages, each containing a list of 10 specific skills. Review the lists, identifying your ability using the scale.

After you are finished you will be presented with a summary showing how you ranked yourself in five broad skill areas.

For each skill, please rate your ability using the following scale:

Rate These Skills

Speaking effectively
Imagining alternatives
Conveying feelings
Initiating new ideas
Implementing decisions
Defining needs
Meeting goals

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