Property Listed: 1940 Lawn St Duluth MN 55812 (House)

  • Date Available: 08/01/2019
  • Rent/Deposit: $450.00 / $450.00 (per-bedroom)
  • Lease Length: Other (Sub-Lease: No)
  • Units Available: 1
  • Distance to Busline: 0 blocks
  • Comments: Rehab is finishing up. Floors sanded, new bathroom flooring, window replacements, etc. It's going to be quite nice. Landlords are local, responsive, and live in the neighborhood.
  • Primary Contact Information: Secondary Contact Information:
    Company: Company:
    Name: Rod Graf Name:
    Primary Phone: (218) 340-1366 Primary Phone:
    Alternate Phone: Alternate Phone:
    Email: Email:
    Best Contact Time: anytime - email or text preferred at first Best Contact Time:
    Utilities Included: General Information: Additional Information:
    Heat: No Max Occupancy: 5 Pets: No
    Gas: No Bathrooms: 3 Smoking: No
    Electric: No Bedrooms: 5 Parking Garage: No
    Water/Sewage: No Available/Total Bedrooms: 5 of 5 Parking Off-Street: 4 Parking spaces
    Cable: No Laundry on Site: Yes Parking On-Street: Yes
    Internet: No Furnished: No
    Garbage: Yes